CoPilot makes it easy to find the best way to your destination.

Once you have entered a destination, CoPilot will calculate a route based on your current location (or starting point if you are using Plan or Edit Trip).

You can see the route that your CoPilot has created for your journey on a map, along with an itinerary* and info box about your destination. The roads for your route will be highlighted in green. Your current location or starting point is indicated with a green flag, your end destination is indicated with a red flag. The total distance and estimated journey time are shown at the bottom of the My Route screen.

Tap  on the info box to view more details about that location, add it to your "Favourites" list, edit the trip or delete the destination.

If you are happy with the route provided, tap GO to start navigating to your destination.

If you would like to change your planned journey, tap Edit to show your Plan or Edit Trip list.

You can access the My Route screen from the main menu by selecting Route > My Route.

*An itinerary for your journey is only available on the iPad

Alternate Routes

In the My Route screen, tap Alternate to view up to 3 possible routes to your destination.

The different routes are colour coded according to the roads used plus the distance and journey time for each.

Simply tap on the route you want to take and tap GO to be guided to your destination using that route.

Drag Your Route

With CoPilot you can drag a route to change it and create the exact route that you want.

  • In the My Route screen, select the Drag Route button found in the top right of the screen.
  • Using your finger, select the route and drag the green line to customise your route to suit you.

While you're dragging, you'll see the route change with a green dashed line and Waypoints will be added along with your route. Keep dragging until you're happy with the selection. CoPilot will automatically calculate a new route and update the distance and estimated journey time.

  • Once you are happy with the new route, tap GO to start navigating.

Drag the Destination

Now you can tap and drag to change the location of the destinations along your route.

  • In the My Route screen, select the Drag Route button.
  • Using your finger, select the route and drag the green line to customise the route you prefer.

As you drag, a green dashed line shows the previous position of your destination to its new one, together with the name of the road that you moved the destination flag too.

  • Once you are satisfied with the new location, tap GO to start navigating.

If you make a mistake or want to cancel the new destination, simply tap on the destination info box and select Delete.

Route Options

Tap the Options button in the bottom left of the My Route screen to further customise your route and access trip preview features.

  • Route Demo plays a simulation of your entire journey
  • View Turn Maps lets you scroll through all the turns for your trip
  • View Turn List shows a list of all of the turn instructions for your trip

Vehicle Preferences

Change how CoPilot calculates your route based on the vehicle you're driving. See Mode of Travel.