If you are experiencing problems activating your CoPilot app after you have moved to a new device or installed a new Android ROM, please ensure you follow these steps.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee support for unofficial or pre-release Android ROMs* 

If you would like to back up your favourites and recent destinations, please start CoPilot and access MyCoPilot > Cloud Backup. Then select Backup to Cloud.

We would also advise that you make a local back-up of the following files contained in the folder com.alk.copilot. * /EU/save onto your PC/laptop:

  • recents.lst (containing recent destinations)
  • favorites.lst (containing the preferred destinations)
  • all files with the extension .trp (containing saved routes)
  1. Uninstall the CoPilot app from your existing device to completely remove CoPilot.
  2. Remove the folder com.alk.copilot.*  from your memory card or from the internal memory of your device.
  3. Now re-install CoPilot from Google Play. Do NOT perform any kind of restore.
  4. Once installed, start CoPilot and follow the first run wizard.
  5. Re-download your maps from in-app: MyCoPilot > My Maps (do NOT copy the maps across or restore these from a backup).

If you backed up your favourites and recent destinations as described above before uninstalling the software, you will be able to restore them from within MyCoPilot > Cloud Backup by selecting Restore from Cloud; or by recovering the manual back up.


* com.alk.copilot folder per app:

  • COPILOT TRUCK GPS: com.alk.copilot.truck.gps
  • COPILOT PREMIUM EU TRUCK: com.alk.copilot.truck.gps
  • COPILOT PREMIUM EU MAJOR TRUCK com.alk.copilot.premiumeuwest
  • COPILOT PREMIUM NA TRUCK/save com.alk.copilot.uscanada.truck