CoPilot 10 and higher versions allow you to migrate from one device to another, and to keep the same licences that you have purchased for the old device.

If your new device has the same platform as the previous one (Android and Android; iOS and iOS; and so on), go to this page for instructions on how to reinstall CoPilot on the same platform.

If your new device has a different platform (iOS or Android) from the previous one, you will need to follow these instructions according to the operative system:



Windows Laptop


Moving from Android to iOS

It is recommended to make a 'Cloud Back up' of Favourites, Recents and Trips to our server using the option 'Backup to Cloud' accessible via MyCoPilot > My Account in CoPilot.

  1. Delete the relevant folder com.alk.copilot.mapviewer* and uninstall CoPilot.
  2. On the new device, download CoPilot from the App Store.
  3. Sign in with an existing account and enter your credentials for CoPilot.
  4. If you backed up your favourites and recent destinations as described above before uninstalling the software, you will be able to restore them by pasting the backed up files into the relevant folder com.alk.copilot.mapviewer*.


Moving from iOS to Android

  1. The feature Backup to Cloud won't work between different platforms unfortunately, and you will have to re-enter the addresses manually when migrating from iOS.
  2. Remove CoPilot from your iOS device by holding down the CoPilot app icon for a few seconds and then select the X that appears on the icon and select Delete.
  3. On the new device, download CoPilot GPS from the Google Store then install it.
  4. Launch CoPilot and sign in as an existing user with your CoPilot ID and Password.
  5. Re-download the maps you would like to use.



Moving from Windows Laptop to Windows Laptop

  1. Please go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program, then choose CoPilot Laptop Truck and then select Uninstall.
  2. Next if you would like to backup any of your favorites, trips, or recent places, please copy the save folder to your desktop before reinstalling **The file path to obtain the SAVE folder is: C:/Users"Your User Name"/AppDataRoaming/ALK Technologies/CoPilot Live v9 Laptop NA or EU save**
  3. Please delete the folder CoPilot Live v9 Laptop by following this file path C:Users"Your User Name"AppDataRoamingALK TechnologiesCoPilot Live v9 Laptop
  4. *Note, please make sure you have show hidden files enabled. You can do this by: Opening up Windows/File Explorer > Select Organize > Folder and Search options > View tab > Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives > Apply
  5. Download CoPilot Laptop Truck here
  6. Please select the correct bit version of your computer (32 or 64 bit) for download by: Going to Start Menu > Computer  and right click on Computer and select Properties.


*According to the app you have to go to the relevant SAVE folder:

Please select the folder starting with com.alk.copilotmapviewer, and then select:

  • NA/save (if you have North America maps)
  • EU/save (if you have European maps)
  • SA/save (for South America)
  • OC/save (for Australia)
  • ME/save (for Middle East)
  • AS/save or SEA/save (for Asian maps)
  • AF/save (for maps of Africa)