CoPilot GPS is on free trial for 7 days  and, at the end of the trial period, you can purchase the 3D navigation to continue to hear the voice prompts.

Once upgraded to 3D navigation, you can also buy additional upgrades, like extra maps or other services. The full list of available upgrades will be present in MyCoPilot > Features and Upgrades for the V9 version; or in the Store for the V10 version.

If no upgrade has been made after the trial period, the only available function will be route planning with navigation in 2D mode and without any voice prompt.

 CoPilot Premium is the full product and, unlike GPS CoPilot, does not provide any trial period. Once purchased, you are entitled to full 3D navigation, detailed directions and 12 months of free ActiveTraffic service.

For both products the purchase is one-off and map updates are free.

Here you will find more information on the differences among CoPilot apps.

Android Includes 7 days voice-guided navigation and ActiveTraffic. After 7 days you can purchase premium navigation features through in-app purchase or enjoy route planning and offline maps for free.


A 7 day CoPilot GPS trial period is only available on Android OS which includes 7 days voice-guided navigation and ActiveTraffic

After 7 days, the customer can purchase premium navigation features through in-app purchase


A 7 day trial is not available for iOS and ActiveTraffic is only available if the subscription is purchased in-app (screenshots below)