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Voice Instructions through Car Speakers under any input on stereo (not just "bluetooth")

Current app works well and has about everything I need to make the purchase, except the ability to play voice instructions through car speakers while listening to radio or cd.  

Currently BT works fine with voice instructions, but ONLY if I leave stereo input on "Bluetooth".  If I am listening to radio or cd no sound is heard through car or iphone speakers.

It would be nice if there was a setting for Hands Free Profile under sound so CoPilot would play sounds over car just like when a phone call comes in - stereo (Radio/CD/Bluetooth) all mute sound and play call over car speakers.

This has already been implemented in several iphone gps apps (seems rather old technology) and these apps currently work just fine in my car (as requested above) - Google Maps (most of time), Navigon (discontinued but option has been there for years) and Sygic GPS.

I"m no programmer but it seems like this should be pretty straightforward to implement?

Here are the current options (under settings for each app) that work fine for me in the above apps:

Google Maps - Play Voice over Bluetooth AND Play as Bluetooth phone call

Navigon - Voice Output/Bluetooth (simply works)

Sygic - Sounds and notifications/Sound settings/Allow HFP


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