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Bring back temporary map view near an instruction while using "driver safety mode"

Hello,Since the latest major update, Copilot has lost a parameter very useful, when you drive in "driver safety" mode (by the way, this mode is great, the most safest because readlibility is maximum. And it new way of activation is far better than in previous version. Great mode when you are ridding a motorcycle). In the previous version (v9 I presume) there was still the option to display the map while approaching an instruction in "driver safety" mode, and going back to "driver safety" mode just after the instruction was passed. The distance to the instruction where to display the map in "driver safety" mode was customizable.  The problem in "driver safety" mode is that most of the time, when you have an instruction at an intersection with multiple roads, you don't know clearly where to go.  Going in map display mode while approaching the instruction is great and safe, because - with driver safety mode display, you see quickly the distance and kind of instruction you will face to - with map display, you see instantly where you have to go.  So please, bring back the options - to display the map at the instruction when using the "drivers safety" mode, - setting the distance to the instruction when to switch to map display - and of course switch back automatically to driver safety mode once the instruction passed.

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