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Import Contact With Coordinates (In Address Field)

I have added Contacts for Rest Stops (Lay-bys) using only coordinates (as there is no street address that can be located with the application. I am in the Western Hemisphere so the longitude is preceded with a -.  e.g. 42.274578 -82.405701

At present there is no way with CoPilot to import a contact that only contains coordinate location - unlike WAZE or Apple Maps for example.

When using the route planning feature of CoPilot is awkward and cumbersome to copy and paste the latitude and longitude - particularly as CoPilot has a check box for N/S and E/W rather than using the conventional - symbol.

I wrote to support asking for implementation of importation of coordinates from contacts and they suggested getting popular support on the forum before they would implement the feature. I can't believe that I am the only user who find this feature useful, so please add your comments to this thread.

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