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No voice prompts for first 10 minutes of journey.

For almost every need, CoPilot is working perfectly on my iPhone 7 Plus. However, for the first (approx) 5 to 10 minutes of every journey, I get no voice prompts. Then, with no action by me, they simply start working, and stay working for the rest of the trip.

In such circumstances, I am sure I have a full gps fix and I get perfectly normal on-screen navigation advice from the very start of a trip - just no voice prompts until the trip is well under way. My chosen voice prompt is working - I get the "Welcome to CoPilot" message when opening the app.

I've eliminated the possibility it's some kind of bluetooth issue. It's there when bluetooth on the 'phone is off or on, and there's no other active bluetooth connection within range.

I have posted this as a ticket to Support, who gave me several issues to test, but the problem is still unresolved. I thought I'd raise it here in case anyone else recognises this problem and has solved it?



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