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Calendar intergration

I use the mapping function within the calendar app on my phone..  Waze has implemented calendar intergration and it's a super handy addition.. 

Before it worked flawless but now you get only the blue button to add it but not the green one to start.

Work around I use : add it with the blue button then go back and choose a new adress , use the previous one.

Then I can navigate

Hi Sorry, no blue or green buttons.. 

Hi all,

thanks for your feedback. The reason why you cannot see the Go button (green button) is because in this version of CoPilot we have overhauled the Planning feature in order to allow users to add multiple stops to their trip.

So for you to start your navigation when picking up a starting point from an external app such as your calendar, you simply need to add your actual location or any additional stops or waypoints you would like to drive through and then hit the calculate button.

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