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CommuteMe: Option to Turn Off "Set Time of Commute"

My commute to and from work can start at almost any time of the day of night - I do not work regular hours. I have already "Enable Commute On" all seven days, but the "Set Time of Commute" only enables a window of two hours for each direction, (set time + or - one hour).

Previous versions of CoPilot did not give me this problem, whenever I started the app at home or work I was always offered my commute route first. Now I only get offered this route within the time windows specified, which I am currently regularly having to change. I can see that for many, (most?), people this would be annoying and probably why the "Set Time" button was added, but for me it has introduced a problem.

What I am asking for is a button to disable the "Set Time of Commute" feature whilst still maintaining the other benefits of CommuteMe..

My commute does not work whatsoever and Co pilot will always take me copilot route samsung s8. copilo t star are clueless?

I agree.

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