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CommuteMe: Option to Turn Off "Set Time of Commute"

My commute to and from work can start at almost any time of the day of night - I do not work regular hours. I have already "Enable Commute On" all seven days, but the "Set Time of Commute" only enables a window of two hours for each direction, (set time + or - one hour).

Previous versions of CoPilot did not give me this problem, whenever I started the app at home or work I was always offered my commute route first. Now I only get offered this route within the time windows specified, which I am currently regularly having to change. I can see that for many, (most?), people this would be annoying and probably why the "Set Time" button was added, but for me it has introduced a problem.

What I am asking for is a button to disable the "Set Time of Commute" feature whilst still maintaining the other benefits of CommuteMe..

I agree.

My commute does not work whatsoever and Co pilot will always take me copilot route samsung s8. copilo t star are clueless?
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