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Option to send nav instructions to device onboard speaker

 While my android device is connected to my car via bluetooth (A2DP) is would be great to be able to force any Nav instructions and speed notifications out through the internal speaker of the device.

This would allow any intructions to be heard while the car radio or CD player is being used, without having to change settings, and then have to change back to stream A2DP audio from the device if I need to.

This is a feature of Google Maps under Settings>Navigation Settings>Turn off "play voice over Bluetooth"

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I would like to add that in my scenario (VW Golf 2014 Mk7), the app doesn't work with the incar Bluetooth but if a phone call comes in whilst Copilot is giving instructions, before I accept the call, Copilot does work through the car. When the call is picked up, obviously this stops.

It is frustrating that I have switched from TomTom to Copilot and this does not work and nor is there an option to choose the output for sound (use phone or use bluetooth). TomTom and CameraAlert both work perfectly either through the car or through the phone speaker.

It would be really nice just to be asked the question when the app starts, which bluetooth device would you like to use or use the phone speaker. I also have a cradle with a bluetooth speaker which also use in other vehicles.

I am using an iPhone 6 with iOS v10.3.3 at the moment.

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