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User Interface Improvements

Post here any comment or suggestion on how to improve the usability of CoPilot, and that cannot find a better location in any other pinned topic.

I'd like the ability to set a default view. I like the split screen view on my android car stereo, but it reverts back to normal landscape whenever I restart.

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Speed limit icon does not show all the time when in navigation mode.

When approaching intersection with a major road, it is covered by a light blue sign at the top showing the next road name (which is a replica of the same next road name shown at the bottom of the app - this is a complete waste of screen real estate). This also happens when the lines indicator comes into view when approaching a multi-line intersection.

This is an unnecessary behaviour and frustrating that speed warnings have a lower priority in the app than guidance. You should have both showing at all times. This also happens for some, but not all speed camera warnings and I cannot work out just yet, what the rules are that govern this behaviour.

Also the lowest setting for showing an exceeding speed limit warning is 5 km/hr over the actual speed limit. This I feel is far too high. I should be able to set this warning to pop up upon reaching the speed limit and then if I so desire, I should also have the ability to choose exactly how much above the speed limit the warning will show up. Having 5-10-15-20-25&30 km/hr steps is not good enough and realistically useless.

I really enjoy this app and think it has a lot to offer, but these few points make it frustrating from the users point of view. Thanks.

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I've managed to install CoPilot on my headunit in my car (that has Android). Accessing the CoPilot wound be easier if it was possible to add a widget to the homescreen that was 2x2. While driving it always easier to click on the right icon if it's larger.


I'd like to have a widget that is 2x2 in size. As it would make it easier to launch CoPilot from my Android headunit in the car while driving (or asking the passanger to do it for you).

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