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Volume adjustment

A long time ago CoPilot (v8 or below) offered the possibility to adujst the in-app volume of the instructions and sounds. It was very helpful in case you use CoPilot in parallel with any kind of media player app (e.g. for music or podcast) and connect the smartphone with the car stereo via 3.5 mm jack plug.

Currently, the volume of the Co'Pilot in-app sounds are far to dominant in comparison with other media played.

My request is to relaunch the possibility to individually adjust the volume of any sound provided by CoPilot (independent from the overall media volume settings of Android).

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I agree.  I'm using CoPilot along with Rocket Player on a Joying car audio head unit  When I'm playing music using Rocket Player, the CoPilot voice commands are way too loud.

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I agree. I listen to podcasts while traveling and when prompts come the are extraordinarily loud. This really needs to be addressed. Thanks.

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Pleeease get this back in. I'm baffled to read that it used to be a feature and was taken out. Crazy

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It would be nice if copilot was able to loud music sound when giving instruction...
I find the navigation sound not loud enuff using earbuds on a motorbike. I always have to remove fone from shirt pocket n look at screen to see where it wants me to turn. Using google maps i hear it loud n clear

I've been asking for this feature to be re-instated (or added if the code has changed that much!) for some time. The prompts are very loud indeed, compared with music or podcasts.  

I'd also like to see the 'mute' facility operate in two stages - one tap to mute just the navigation instructions (leaving safety cameras and over speed warnings active), the next tap to mute CoPilot completely.

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