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Auto Zoom in 2D Maps with Directions

In 2D Maps, the map will zoom in on turns and adjusts the display as you travel.  When you use 2D Maps with Directions, the zoom does not occur.

The with Directions panel does show a turn arrow but zooming in on turns, especially interchanges is so much more informational.

I would like to see auto zoom added to 2D Maps with Directions.

We had this feature when we we using CoPilot Laptop Truck for PC.  In the equivalent android display using 2D Maps and Directions, the next turn is displayed.  In the CoPilot Laptop Truck version, the next turn after this turn is displayed in a smaller form factor above the next turn.  There is room in the display for this This helps when there are quick sequential turns. 

Hello Alvin,

Thanks for participating in our Forum and for sharing your comments.

Auto Zoom in 2D is not a feature that has been planed for Copilot. The 2D version has been implemented after considering our users feedback and as an answer to those who wanted a flat map view as an alternative to the Premium one (3D) 

Have a safe drive!


Auto Zoom in 2D Maps with Directions : CoPilot App Stores