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Scroll when trip planning

Holding onto a newly added stop and moving it to the top or bottom of the list will make the list scroll up or down

Dear Alexander, 

Thanks for participating in our new Forum. It seems that your touch screen is not working properly. There is no issue when dragging up/down the stops from the Route Plan Option.

In Android and OIS devices that functionality is working fine. If you have a long list of stops you must be careful when changing the order of your stops. Perhaps is the screen protector or too much pressure when dragging the stops.

For similar issues please contact our Support team by creating a support request.




Hopefully this better describes my issue

When I hold a stop it pops up and I can move it to a new position within my screen. But the only way to add a stop is at the very bottom of the list, so if the list is 120 stops long and i need to move the new stop to position 5 then i have to move that stop to the top of my screen, drop the stop, scroll the screen, pick up the stop and repeat until i get to where the new stop belongs

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 Had the same problem until multiple stops through Contacts broke!

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