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changelog for app


I swear I posted something about this in last few days but can't see it anywhere on the forum.

It would be useful to know what has been changed with a new app update

Can we not have a changelog either posted in the app itself and/or in google play and itunes?

Saying on google play "WHAT'S NEW fixed: various minor bugs and brings performance improvements" is unhelpful.



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Can confirm your first posting, at least i got that via email notification. Maybe it got lost in the review/release process somewhere. :-)

BTW: I had this several times, that i got a topic mail (notification), but following the link in the mail did not lead to the topic to be shown up in the forum. So at least the email notification subsystem is not due to censorship :-).


Thanks for the confirmation mate.

The silly thing about this new structure is that because of the pre-publishing moderation, there's a delay in any kind of response, which can (and probably will) lead to duplicate posts or tickets.

Also, I got a very unhelpful reply to my first message about a changelog, so we'll see whether they can improve on their response. The biggest irony was that the answer directed me to "what's new" update info, when I'd already referred to it in my initial message/ticket. It was like they'd not read my message properly. #facepalm

The only links I've received in messages are to support tickets - I've found my links to be active and accurate, though when I get a message saying "your ticket has been resolved. click here to reopen" etc, there's just a placeholder for the ticketURL, so it looks like that segment of the support desk system isn't picking up ticket data properly. Hopefully they will be able to resolve that too.



Well, i can see their point to have some mechanism to track the issues plus avoid garbaged discussions. I personally would have liked some more open interface or standard ticket system, but thats the way it is.

I also share your opinion about the possible duplicates plus the risk of "not good enough" understanding of the contents including linking realted topics together (link or merge them) - also had some experience here on that. But also: Lets hope all the best. :-)

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Sorry for the delay. Been busy.

Got nowhere with my 'we need a better changelog' ticket. They have no problem with copy/pasting the changelog from one update to the next.

I'd have thought they will have been inundated with tickets with the current approach, so we'll see if they have the resourcing to cope with the volume of tickets and/or actually provide decent support responses.

 PS wow. I've just received a message indicating/implying that they moderate every post (not just every new thread) i.e. I just replied to your message and received that message and my post hasn't appeared. That's a huge overhead, if this forum ever gets busy.

well, it seems that moderating is done in bulks, not continously... Your reply showed up here after 3 days - together with a bunch of other contents (after some quiet time). So yes, you are right :-)
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