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IOS: Importing TRP files

I don't know a current solution for importing route files on IOS. I use copilot on Android and on IOS, normaly i plan routes external with desktop software and load them onto the device. 

With Android this is possible, with IOS not.

Could also be an option to use cloud sync for that, but currently synching via cloud between Android and IOS device is not possible.

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In principle you are right with your comment regarding the iOS security model, but there are other way to do it. Don't stick at my example at android with having access to the file system, even at adnroid there might be better ways for importing (even that files system way might not work on all Android versions)

So to keep it short, what about registering .trp-files in iOS/Android, so that Copilot will be used for handling them ("Open with ....").

One can get the trp files in many ways onto the device, via e-mail, via some network access app, via a cloud client (nextcloud eg); going from there it might be helpful to have the possibility to "open" the trp-files then (or copy to) the Copilot app.

There are already several apps which provide such a mechaism, like minikeypass, or Mapfactor (gpx-files), or GPX-Viewer, or Mytracks, or PDF/DOC viewers.

This mechanism then would be also the same on both platforms, just tap the files and it gets imported into Copilot - that would be fine (enough for me).

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 doesn't seem to work very well with out the data on. i guess there is no real substitute for a true GPS unit. all i want its to import a GPX file with custom way points so i can take a motorcycle trip without carrying a paper map. 

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Phew.  I was just about to buy it when I saw this. Can't understand why CoPilot insist on using 3rd party hacking tools for file transfer instead of the Apple supported ones through iTunes like everyone else.

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I think bitdiddle's suggestion is an exceptionally good one. MANY other apps allow the 'importing' of files through the "Open with..." function, why can't co-pilot? I can't believe it is an Apple issue! If customers have been asking for / wanting this facility for such a long time (iOS 8.3 was literally YEARS ago - and that was when users STOPPED being able to use that method of importing routes; clearly it was a feature that they wanted before then) why has co-pilot STILL not incorporated it?!? Do they not listen to their customers or do they just not care about them? A somewhat disappointing and frustrating situation this! It IS possible, so come on co-pilot, pull your finger out!!

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 Hi all,  

I do have the same problem as Bitdiddle and obviously many others.

I've been using CoPilot for quite a long time on an android device and loved it for the capability to import the routes that have been planned for motorbike trips with the desktop software Tyre.
Now, I had to switch to an Apple device (company policy of my employer) and this feature is lost. So CoPilot is pretty much useless for me now.  I hope CoPilot will be able to import route files pretty soon, so I can stick to it. Otherwise I would have to look for a different solution.  

Best regards  


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Dear Copilot Users:

Apple has changed security settings since iOS 8.3 that prevent file managers and transfer utilities such as iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer, iBackupBot and PhoneView from gaining access to app directories on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Therefore at the moment, there is no way to access the Copilot directory on your IOS devices.



What desktop software do you use when planning a trip? 

It depends, normally I use it for motorbiking. So I use for that, it can export trp files, also import gpx, so u can use it for conversion. Sometimes I use And Tyre, which is a "real" desktop app and can also export trp.
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