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This is a topic migration from the old forum:

First of all: The all new CoPilot app is beautiful. It is clean and way more intuitiv. Thanks for that!

But: An unique selling proposition ist suddenly missing: to manually drag a route on the map. For me as a biker, this feature was essential for planing my day trips. I hope so badly, that you are still working on this in the new app.

Thanks in advance!

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Personally I find it usefull if I can have a place on the CoPilot-platform where I can either create or upload my routes and get them synced to my mobile. It would be even nicer if CoPilot could use GPX-files as basis for route-navigation instead of TRP which many GPX-route creation software do not support.

Google’s in-car system comes preinstalled in some cars now, but you can also use it by connecting your phone to a compatible car display. With a simplified interface and hands-free voice commands, Android Auto enables you to use your phone safely while driving. The CoPilot would benefit if it works with Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay.

I've just been driven nuts trying to vary another 200+ mile route from Co-Pilot's 3 route options using the 'route through here option'. Once the route is selected by Co-Pilot it's very very difficult to adjust that route to meet your own preferred route. I got tied in knots when I tried to adjust some routing suggested by Co-Pilot. Co-Pilot's penchant for adding a number for each 'route through here' change goes dreadfully wrong when you want to make a change earlier in the route you're working on (usually in an attempt to adjust something wierd that Co-Pilot has done,) and you end up with a routing that goes something like start, 0, 1, 2, 5, 7, 4, 3, 6 you just end up with a circular mess that takes hours longer to drive. It's a nightmare to adjust and it seems the only way to do that sort of thing is to build a route using a paper map to track the route to your finish point and then to add the route to Co-Pilot using 'route through here'. Frankly that's a pain in the ass. Drag and dropping the route would be a much better way to vary long routes like this. Travelling in the UK and preparing three routes of several hundred miles to suit our needs has shown me how fragile Co-Pilot is for doing this. Am I doung something wrong or it it really this bad?

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Hi Christopher,

have you tried following the instructions on how to plan your route given here?

Hi Emmanuel, this is perhaps where I go red in the face. Route Optimization, what's that? I didn't know about Route Optimization. READ THE MANUAL first! I had already painfully set up my next route before I sent my complaintive missive and I don't want to undo it to test things. Reading the manual via your link it seems to be the solution I should have found myself. Provisional apologies. I'll let you know how things go when I set up a test route after I finish the upcoming trip.
Can't see my resonse to Emmanuel yet, but 'optimising route' certainly made a difference when we had to add a 'route through' variation on our just completed trip - the function reordered the route to give us a sebsible route with nothing circuitous - or so it seemed. We were bamboozled a couple of times when our 'satnavigator', with no indications on the screen, instructed us to turn left (or more disconcertingly right on a motorway with a median barrier - we are in England) where there wasn't an exit. The second time we were on a multi-lane road with the up and down lanes showing faithfully following the directions when we suddenly had the blue route line showing in the direction we were heading and in the lane going in the opposite direction thebottom left turn indication box showed a u-turn coming up: we ignored that one and the route corrected itself. Very odd really.

Hi Christoper,

thanks for your feedback and good luck with your testing. If you feel like you need more support please come and talk to our support centre on

I'm sick of CoPilot it is just a rubbish can of worms!

@Malcolm Anderson 

We would like to hear a bit more articulate feedback about your experience with CoPilot.

Please come and talk to our support centre on:

Apparently, this is now the only form of communicating with Copilot short of Social Media which I don't do. If, I am forced to contact you through those methods, it will be very, very unkind to Copilot. Something I don't want to do. I am not interested in airing dirty laundry in public. I had previously signed up for the previous forum and apparently none of the login information was migrated to the new forum as I had to sign up again after many frustrating attempts.

I agree with Malcolm Anderson's statements completely. I have purchased this app several times, twice for me and numerous times for others. Plus, I have had many of my friends buy based upon my recommendation. I now have egg on my face as the app is so now broken that many of the free apps do a better job.

I don't care what UI you use, just don't keep changing it! I will learn whatever you provide.

However, I do care about the functionality of the app. Since the new UI earlier this year and the upgrade(s) afterwards, the app is now broken! I have learned to work around some of the stupidity that currently exists. However, there are some that there is no workaround.

I use A GPS app daily as I am a full-time RVer traveling around 35,000 miles/year for work. I travel hundreds of miles between jobs and at the new location for a few days before moving on to the next location. What this means is that I use GPS for great distances and then once there, I also use it to navigate around town (sometimes new towns without any local knowledge). Before the new UI it worked just fine. Now it doesn't.

The Drag & Drop feature was great. The new method is no better and sometimes worse. Given a choice (having used both), I would prefer the Drag & Drop method. So, that is my two cents on that topic. I know it will never change as it would be an admission you made a mistake.

While I have a very long list of problems and an even longer list of feature improvements, I will only give you one problem (or feature) at a time.


The way that I use Copilot is with multiple stops. If it is a 2,000 mile trip, I add sops of where to get gas, food and lodging. All of these are through contacts. If I stop there once, there is a good chance I will go there again. So, I want all of the information available (address, phone numbers, contact name, etc). This also gives me backup convenience through multiple cloud and file formats. Once in town, I start the morning with all the stops I need to make that day. Optimizing the route is awesome and saves me money. At 7mpg this is very important. So here is the problem.


Plan Triop

Add a stop -> Contacts (select one)

Add a stop -> Contacts (nothing happens)

Or (though this one is hit or miss)

Add a stop -> Address (use one)

Add a stop -> Address

You should be able to add as many stops as the app allows using any method of stop selection without failure!

Multiple stops is the single most valuable part of this app. If you try to use the internet to find stops for people, you are doomed to failure.


There are also apps for gasoline such as Gas Buddy that does a very good job. Just make a very good GPS as there aren't any out there. I have purchased several including a $30 one. It sucks!!

Lastly, from the very beginning, I have offered to be a Beta tester for you app. I have a separate phone that is available for this purpose. I am an Electrical Engineer and have spend most of my carreer wring firmware, so none of this is new to me.

Keith Salyards


This app is just like all the others now with a single destination.

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I do not miss "drag & drop" while planning routes.  However, "Avoid this Road" doesn't work on major roads i.e. it doesn't result in any route change, but "Route through here" is very effective.  Using ASUS Tablet ME 173X with Android 4.2

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