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Add Regional Voices, beside TTS

I humbly request you restore James as a voice option. James accompanied me on a trip to Scotland where I drove white-knuckled around the country fueled by my intestinal fortitude and James's brogue guiding me through the roundaboots (intentionally misspelled, that accent! Omg). Please, #bringbackjames. I'm desperate. Henry isn't cutting it.

Email support said " James voice was removed in our new version because no longer compatible with the 64bits standard."

Can the voice be adapted to accommodate the 64bits standard? I've invested a decent amount of money in this map service and the main reason I use it is no longer there. 

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Hello Lisa, 

Thanks for participating in our new Forum. We are sorry that James voice option is no longer available due to compatibility issues with the 64 bits standards.

We will evaluate the use/cost/priority of new voices in future Copilot versions.

Best Regards!


I have version and there is no languages selection under settings.  I would like to download regional voices that give street names.  What am I missing?

“Test” button does not seem to work for downloaded voices in the “Select a Voice” section. Using iPhone 7 and iOS11.1

 "Test" button does not work with any CoPilot voice and turns off sound.  Works with Android TTS.  All voices work in TripPreview and while driving but CoPilot voices thurn off after a while on some trips and turn off sound.  Using ASUS Tablet ME173X with Android 4.2.

I have the same problem - 

Test button does not work with downloaded voices and Copilot voice stops working on some trips, normally just as I get to last few miles of the trip!!

Copilot v

Samsung S7,  Android  v 7.0

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