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Recording Waypoints during a Trip

 I there a feature that you can use to record waypoints while you are navigating a route, such as when you stop for fuel or food?  I can import the tracking data into a mapping application later, to see the route & waypoints later, if needed.

Just a simple waypoint with a name, but the GPS coordinates and date/time should be recorded.

Otherwise, you have to run a route tracking app  before you even start Copilot.

The reason for a quick waypoint entry is because when you are traveling in a group, other drivers don't want to wait for you to enter 15 pieces of information! (name of fuel station, vehicle name, date/time, reason. expense amount, fuel type, amount of fuel, price of fuel, trip purpose, etc.)  Just to record a waypoint in the tracking apps or fueling apps, takes about 5 minutes just to mark the location.

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