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Road speed and type preference - ROAD Preferences V10 CoPilot

I tried to reply to another topic of this but I could not so I am starting a new topic.

I found the road speeds and preferences were removed from CoPlot. I understand it was removed because the app uses other ways to pick the quickest route but there is a problem removing this feature.

I am currently travelling North of a major city but I want to avoid it. There are only side roads to go around the city but I have no way to set the app up to go around. It always wants to take me through the city. Before, I could go in and set the app to Avoid Freeways and it would take me around the city, avoiding the insane traffic there.

Can the road preference be added back to the app? If I want a scenic drive to my destination, I can set it up to take me down back roads instead of main ones. There are many reasons to add this back.


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Frédéric Goupil created topic15 days ago on Tue, 18 Dec, 2018 at 10:55 PM

I tried to reply to another topic of this but I could not so I am starting a new topic.



Hi, I agree : bring back roads preference ! It was very usesfull to do tourism trip. Specially with a motorcycle, when you want to take little roads with turns and nobody on it... Please bring it back ! Regards

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reported via email, 10 hours ago (Wed, 10 Jul 2019 at 4:53 AM)

I would still like to suggest leaving in road preferences. I prefer the Interstate as a truck driver, and the nav often sends me off to a short stretch of frontage road and then back to the freeway. This may have helped some drivers avoid a temporary traffic jam in historical data, but it's no longer relevant. Also, I find I can't use a road in Copilot if traffic report says it is closed, even if that data is outdated, so I have to turn off traffic temporarily. Everything should allow a user override, as some data is wrong, including truck restricted routes. I use waypoints to make permanent changes to my route, but it is also very annoying it zooms out to my full trip after placing every waypoint. It should stay zoomed in so the user can see if it is in the right place or more need to be added. Anyway, thanks for Copilot. I've been using it three years, for the affordable, reliable nav and traffic service and truck routing.  

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Paul created a topic Caravan version not usable

Hi, The Caravan / RV version is no longer usable, due to the removal of the ability to prioritise road type, and so if the country lanes don't have a official width restriction, which most don't have, then copilot is routing caravans up country lanes, which is not good and in some cases dangerous. Please can you switch road type choice back on, at least for the caravan version, or at least add some weighting to avoid b and c roads ? Thanks Paul

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Eamonn Fanton created a topic Reintroducing Road Preferences

Please bring back Road Preference Settings in CoPilot. 

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