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Copilot for motorcycle only limited usable.

I find last change a very strong deterioration. For example, in my motorcycle profile I can not completely avoid highways. Or prefer rural roads. Copilot therefore unfortunately now only limitedly usable for motorcycle.

Did not someone think so.

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New Topic 2 days ago, In Feature RequestsMag Sys created a topic Ability to select preferred road type in profilesOn the previous version of the software, it was possible to select different preferred road types.  This has been removed in the latest version.  This is a big miss as it is useful.Setting a profile to use local/secondary roads is useful when hitting traffic jams.  On encountering a jam Copilot and everyone else's sat nav computes a similar fastest route away from the jam so the jam just moves onto these calculated roads.Having a profile to use secondary and local roads gives a different routing to most sat navs so you can use these roads to avoid the moving jam.  When the facility was available It was not perfect. However, more often than not it got me through jams quicker, or in about the same time but keeping moving which was better.Can the ability to set road preferences be put back into the app?

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Copilot for motorcycle only limited usable. : CoPilot App Stores