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local Parking as favourites on my route

Dear CoPilot, I know we have had this discussion before please finding closed what I was hoping you could do, the first picture shows you all the places I have saved as a favourite, so when I am travelling around the United Kingdom in my truck, I am looking for somewhere local to park as I am driving, I just open up my old satnav which is a garmin, and it will show me all of my favourites that I have saved, but the nearest ones to where I am in the area, so as you can see I have saved several parking areas and I typing location favourites, and it will show me the nearest parking area to me and further down the list I go the further away the Parking places.The second picture shows a blue Trail, so I know the area that I have been to and if I need to get out of that one certain area the same way I came in, I can follow the blue line, but the blue line will only lasts for two weeks,is this something that you could add to your CoPilot satnavs.Many thanks for your time,Giles

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