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Imported Google Maps route is recalculated

I figured out how to export a Google Maps route (.KML file, then converted to .TRP with RouteConverter) and import it into CoPilot.  I created a test route in Google Maps with specific roads chosen and converted it.  But when I pull up the route in CoPilot, it is recalculated simply using my stops, and doesn't keep the specific routing I designed in Google Maps.  Is there a way to avoid that, and force CoPilot to stick to the route as designed?  Or could it possibly be an export issue, before I ever get to CoPilot?


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The .trp file is simply a list of stops. When you import that into CoPilot it will run through our own routing algorithm. It's not possible to use Google's routing algorithm in CoPilot and vice-versa.

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