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A list of feature requests for laptop version

I have a Windows laptop mounted on a center console and like the large touch-screen for GPS routing. I think CoPilot Laptop for car navigation is an excellent product, better than Delorme Street Atlas that is no longer being supported.


After several months of RV travel I have accumulated a combination bug report/wish list for CoPilot Laptop for car navigation.  I suspect that some of these are relevant to the mobile version and truck version also.


1. The “Continue for ...” part of turn instructions (2D map & Directions) are not readable on my laptop.  Needs to be larger and higher contrast.

2. FAQ and other links from CoPilot do not work.

3. Link to buy Active Traffic does not work.

4. After reaching a stop (or almost reaching it) and proceeding to the next stop, CoPilot keeps wanting us to turn around and go back.

5. Should not announce rest stop POIs along route that are accessible only if going the opposite direction.

6. In addition to + and – buttons for changing magnification should allow pinching with two fingers on a windows touchscreen.

7. The distance scale should be shown at the bottom of the map.

8. More frequent map updates.

9. Include another data field at the bottom giving Distance/ETA/Time Remaining for the finish as well as for the next stop.

10. When I have to re-install CoPilot after a persistent fatal error, I have to contact you to get a new key or to deactivate it.  This means I don’t have the use of CoPilot for a few days.  You should have a way for me to deactivate my device from your website.  (You could learn from Adobe on this).

11. After I enter a highway entrance ramp CoPilot directs me to turn when I have no choice.  I don’t need this turn information.

12. When ordering and when downloading, you should give the version number.  I have version  How do I know this is the latest version? You should have a change log on your website.

13. When clicking on the map I get an info popup with the address and options to add as a stop.  This is a great feature, but it is sometimes very hard to make it work since I have to click exactly on a road.  It should allow some flexibility to click near a road and jump to the nearest place on the road.


If you like these ideas, please vote below since they work first on popular requests. If you like only some of these, please enter a comment below.


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Please add another feature request for Active Weather - similar to Active Traffic.  I would like to see a warning or alert for flooding, tornado, thunderstorm, blizzard, and dust storm watch/warnings from weather stations along my route.  These days weather can change very quickly, and having these alerts could be life-saving.  And as long as I'm wishing, possibly add the ability to reroute around bad weather.  


Jim B.

Add a configuration item to turn off forced full screen mode and allow manual window resizing. A laptop has a much larger screen than a tablet and full screen prevents viewing other applications concurrently
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