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Why is the internet search only Yelp? It used to be a google search. Yelp is completely useless, it can't find anything especially if it isn't a coffee shop or restaurant. Also why do I have to select between nearby and a location? I don't know where something is that is why I am searching for it so how do I know if it is nearby or not? Surely just search for something and present them in proximity order? CoPilot is getting so bad now please change the search internet back at least!

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Hello Bill,

Thanks for your feedback. Please do note that our brand new update has been designed following our users feedback. As any new version, it takes time to get used to it and get the best of Copilot. In regards to Yelp's searching engine we are sorry if it's not performing as you would expect but at the time our developers are actively working on making CoPilot less dependent on third party providers so that we can highly improve our performances for our customers. 

One possible workaround to still use Google search features is to search for a place in Google Maps and then you copy and paste the full address or just the postcode and feed it to the address feature in CoPilot which is accessible through the magnify glass. 


Hope this helps.

Best regards


I understand, from the support email, that the use of Yelp subsides the price of Co-Pilot to help with affordability for users and I fear that someone who used to be (still is???) in a senior position within ALK Technologies signed an exclusivity contract. 

However, the scant nature of Yelp content significantly degrades the usefulness of Co-Pilot to the same users and I'm truly surprised that this wasn't picked up within user acceptance testing or beta feedback (I suspect no-one said "Thank goodness Google has been dropped and replaced with Yelp, that was a really bright idea"). 

The work-around is viable (I've used it a few times now) but also lends itself to users converting to Google Maps for directions and this, as a long term advocate of Co-Pilot (since the XDA days), feels like a great pity and, for the price paid, decidedly poor.  

Before version 11 is released, I humbly suggest 10.3 should give the option to restore the abandoned functionality, even if it's (and I can't believe I'm writing this), a paid option (to use Google!).  

Once again, I truly regret the need to write the above

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Regarding nearby or location: Well, that is selectable, isn't it. Works fine for me. Sometimes i want to know where the next xyz is in my target city, so i find this helpful.

Regarding search performance: At first i also thought like that, but it holds not true that you can only find coffee shops or restaurants. It also will find other services spots like hairdresser, shoe repair or even business offices location (like the yellow book here in Germany i would say). Works that that bad.

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If what you want is not nearby and you don't know where one of what you want is then how can you put a location in? Useless especially in the UK where each village and town is considered a separate area. Yelp has so far failed to find any of my places of work, garage, petrol station, my local supermarket several restaurants, hairdressers etc etc. It is complete rubbish when you compare it to being able to search the whole internet via Google within the app which you used to be able to do before they completely ruined it! If Google maps ever gets speed alerts I wonder why anyone would use this anymore. Even Waze is better now.

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I'm a little concerned. 
Google search shows that previous threads regarding Yelp existed but have been deleted.
For instance 

"14 May 2017 - Trying to find a location anywhere in the country. 
Copilot cannot find it!!!!"

Resolves to "Seems like this topic has been deleted"

@Admin ?

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I agree with billy. Having yelp as a search engine simply doesn't work. The app has been severely compromised by this change. A very poor decision!

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 I hate yelp, finds nothing in Germany that I'm searching for

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New Topic a day ago, In Feature RequestsErik Poulsen created a topic integrate google search in CoPilot - pleaseI have not read several feeds that request google search integrated and I can only agree to all of them. Yelp is useless or even worse as it give the user a feeling that it can be used for something.  I love to use CoPilot and it it the best navigation app but I have now changed Here because has the option to search on google. Please add this

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New Topic 2 days ago, In Feature Requests

Alex created a topic Search List

CoPilot GPS is quite nice but the biggest feature that makes people use Google Maps is the Online Search. Not even the search results, but  way that results are displayed.When searching through the CoPilot, it returns a list of locations Near By or Selected City. That is Ok but not what People want. People want to see by default, the map and points on the map first. After they select point on the map, Only then CoPilot should show the details of the location. Also if they move to a different location on the map CoPilot should suggest search within this area and update the points of interest. The list view is Ok but it should be an option, Button "see list view" and not a default results display. Also when searching to add a stop along the route CoPilot will suggest location in every direction, even in reverse direction or locations that quite out of the way of the rout. CoPilot by default should provide results in a map view, but in list view first suggest results in the direction of driving. Only after those locations, display as other near by in reverse direction. If these things could be improved the CoPilot would be nearly perfect

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Martin Moore created topic

2 days ago on Wed, 3 Apr at 6:50 PM

YELP is less that useless in CoPilot. It cannot find my local ARGOS store 1.8 miles away. Even what it does find it does not list in distance order. This makes CoPilot less useable... And so does damage. Wake up and smell the coffee! How about having Google back again or a user definable search facility.

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Bert Marsh created topic

16 days ago on Wed, 20 Mar at 1:34 AM

Please bring back google search function! Yelp is useless Try to search using yelp for a campground, restaurant, walmart anything it just can't find it PLEASE! Thank you Rob M

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