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Seperate sound control for Android car stereos

I purchased CoPilot for my Android car stereo head unit because of the great user interface and it's off-line maps. But, I soon learned that there was a pretty glaring problem that makes CoPilot not as good as Google and some others. When the radio is on and CoPilot is navigating, the CoPilot voice guidance is so low it can barely be heard. This is a huge problem. So, you are forced to turn off the radio or MP3 player while driving and navigating, so CoPilot can be heard.  This is not an issue with any of the other navigation software I've tried.  Google handles this perfectly, but I hate it's off-line map capability.  It would be nice it this could be fixed. Now that android units are getting more popular I'm sure this will become an "issue" for more than just me.

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Seperate sound control for Android car stereos : CoPilot App Stores