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Automatic unreached WAYPOINT deletion

Hi Support team
During last 4 days week-end I used (again) my Copilot application to guide me during 4 different rides with a group of bikers .
The four files were provided by the group leader . So each ride I had the same problem with Copilot (vs TomTom) ; when a point waypoint was not  
(for some reason) I was asked during hours to return (turn left/right each crossroad) to the skipped point .
I know the option to delete next point but I don't want to stop , take off may gloves , delete the point and drive too fast to join
the group again . I have to wait a long pause to suppress missed point and following reached points . So no correct guidance during a long time .
Some other bikers using TomTom Rider had the possibility to delete a point during driving but they told me that
now after a very recent update a skipped/unreached point is automatically suppressed after a "short" time .
So my request is : PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE develop/add this kind of automatic point deletion .   
Thanks in advance and have a good day .

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Very good idea! Please incorporate this!

Been asking for this for years! Please please please implement this. One of your competitiors does it this way...when you tap the screen while navigating a menu pops up at the bottom with several choices. One is Skip Waypoint. Tapping that option does what is desired. 

Hi Support team
No answer from CoPilot/ALK Support Team ! ! !
Not interested by customers suggestions/requests ?
I would appreciate an answer ..... even negative one . 
Have I to buy a TomTom ?
Thanks in advance 

Dear Francois and Copilot users:

Thank you very much for participating in our forum and for your comments.

Remember that the waypoints have been created to be reached. Copilot considers a waypoint as part of the route compliance process. For that reason it works different than a normal STOP.

Some users may like to avoid the alert when you miss a waypoint, but many users may also prefer to arrive to THAT missed waypoint, for that reason the application reminds you to get back.

In future UI developments we may consider to modify this behaviour but remember that for any change we made on the UI, many other functionalities can be affected in Copilot, that's why even though it looks a small change, it involves plenty of time on developing and testing.

An alternative solution for this behaviour is creating a route with normal STOPS. On that case Copilot, using the standard Route Compliance will re-direct you to the NEXT stop without any alert about a missed/not reached previous one. 

Best Regards


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