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When will V10 be updated with all the old features we love

As can be seen on the Co-pilot App reviews there are not many fans of this updated version V10.

As a biker using it to navigate through Europe (rather than just to the local shops) the main issue I have is it has lost the ability to Drag a route.

When planning a long route, the 3 route options may cover part of the route I want to use but not all of it, so without the drag facility the distance and ETA is not accurate unless I spend time inserting loads of waypoints.

This was the very reason I purchased Copilot initially over other apps, so as I am planning another trip across Europe in the next few weeks, my question is how soon will an updated version be available and will it include these deleted options?

My preference would be to roll back to a previous version but I understand this is not possible with IOS?

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