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Steps numbering on map view during trip

 Hi all,

During trip , steps numbering don't reflect numbers from the list because each time

I reach a point , next point become point#1 . So in fact I always see on screen the next point which is a circle with 1 inside (and sometimes also point#2 if near from point #1) .

I would prefer the original numbering to know that i'm in approach of a special point I have in mind (e.g point#12 for gasoline stop) .

Points list (planif view not map view) is up to date , it means that if I passed X points the "dynamic" list begin to X+1 .

What do you think about that ?

Thanks in advance (& sorry for my english)


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I totaly agree. Fix the numbering of the Points.

I wrote this in the old Forum. Thank you again for numbering the Points. Now its easier to see the order of the Points on the Map. Is it possible to give the Points in the Plan the same numbering as on the Map? Would facilitate the assignment.

Cheers Joachim

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