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HUD navigation mode

Would be great to just turn on HUD mode, put your phone on the dashboard and have the navigation screen (and speed) reflect on the windscreen so we can keep our eyes on the road.

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I completely agree. With new HUD stands coming out that will display mobile phone screens on the windshield or reflective surface a HUD mode would be great. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to implement. Just a mirror image of the display would probably suffice.

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Martin Turnbull replied Hud car display
It would be good to add head up display for this app and make it easier to look at direction. I have HUD display in my car and use my Samsung note8 using other app that was great so would like copilot sat nav to add HUD that would be great.

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Lee created a topic Android Head unit support

I would help with beta testing if needed

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HUD navigation mode : CoPilot App Stores